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Auto Activation

The license allows the installation of Mida on n. 1 PC and n. 1 Operating System, the first time it is opened Mida creates a link (online) between your PC and your Mida Account .

During the purchase of Mida on the site of ShareIT we require an e-mail and password for the license.


mida 25_01


Do not confuse this with the data access ShareIT who are your reserved.

Once purchased, you will have a Zip file containing a simple installation. Open Mida.exe and the program will appear as in the picture below.


mida 25_01


Here are the three simple steps:

( 1) your email indicated on the site ShareIT
( 2 ) the password provided in the site ShareIT
( 3) Press the button "First Authorization"



If you change your PC, reopen Mida, press the button "Clear License" , the program will be closed automatically.

Restarting the program simply enter the above information and the program will reactivate automatically.

You don't need of our intervention or any kind of unlock code, only email and password ( Mida Account )

You have available some self- activations, a number sufficient for normal use.



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