Mida Converter 5.0 – Available

We are pleased to present the availability of Mida Converter 5.0 for Delphi XE2/XE3/XE4/XE5/XE6/XE7/XE8 and C++Builder XE2/XE3/XE4/XE5/XE6/XE7/XE8

What’s Mida

Mida is a complete converter of Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder VCL applications to FireMonkey applications.
It can also be used to change database components with another, for example.

Mida 5.0 new features:

– New full support for XE8 IDE

– New TImageList support ( XE8 only, VCL to Fmx conversion )

– New TPNGImageList support ( XE8 only, VCL to Fmx conversion )

– New “Mida Studio PLUS” , 2 license

– New Sub/Multi Directory support ( Studio PLUS only )

– New Script file support for automatic conversion ( Studio PLUS only )

– New advanced setting, You can turn on and off, accurately, each group of
components (DevExpress, TMS ..) for greater management when using the
“Custom Conversion”, for example. (VCL to FMX conversion, Studio PLUS only )

– New TMS Grid support: TTMSFMXLiveGrid (VCL to FMX conversion )

– Better VCL to IntraWeb support

– Fix Clx To FireMonkey

More info:

Total Conversion ( Mida Studio only ) is now more optimized.

Total Conversion allows you to convert single or groups of components.
You can to convert a project from : VCL To IntraWeb, or change database, like dbIsam to EDB or AnyDac to FireDac or BDE To FireDac….

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Click here for VCL to IntraWeb conversion:

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Mida Team
info at midaconverter dot com
Embarcadero Technology Partner

Mida 3.0 presented the ITDevCon 2012 Italy

A few days ago we were present in Verona – Italy, the fourth edition of ITDevCon 2012.

We were there as a sponsor and as speaker.

Among the guests were: Marco Cantù, Pawel Glowacki, Ray Konopka, Primoz Gabrijelcic, Jeroen Pluimers, Jon Lennart Aasenden ….

Interest in Mida was very high.

Full XE3 support, new TMS grid , Report Conversion…Important features that have raised much interest.

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Mida 2.3 Beta – FireMonkey StyleBook !!

In the coming days will be available for a hundred beta testers, chosen at random from our customers, the new beta version of Mida 2.3 with support for StyleBook.

Remember… that FireMonkey color management is different. You can not specify a color directly to a TLabel (Font.Color).

Mida 2.3 automatically converts, for TLabel and the main components , color, size, font family, making the conversion VCL To FireMonkey, more and more realistic.

The FireMonkey Style are created automatically, in an optimized way.



Mida 2.1 – Visual and Source code – Video

It available a new update of Mida.

It was further improved through the conversion process, both for the Visual DFM that the source code ( Pascal ) , especially for particularly complex form.

have been added any Dialog components at conversion table.

TSavePictureDialog,TSaveTextFileDialog, are converted to TOpenDialog / TSaveDialog.

[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGPerLA87ms]

The video also show a project with Delphi  XE2 Components for to access to a database of Elevate Software, in particular is used DBISAM 4 and ElevateDB 2, perfectly compatible FireMonkey.

Mida have a new FaceBook page

I also thank all our customers for reporting, and thanks for the compliments.
Mauro Botta

Mida 2.0 – Source code update and new Official Site


Great news, finally the new Mida 2.0 is available.

Mida 1.x has been incredible for the excellent conversion of visual components from VCL to FireMonkey, the work was important, but thanks to your many suggestions and comments we have reached an excellent result.

In Mida 2.0 the target is to update the source code is not compatible with FireMonkey.
We have already converted thousands of lines of source and we noticed that the incompatibilities with the new framework are many.

For example none of these lines of code runs on FireMonkey :

01.Label1.Caption := ...
02.Label1.Font.Style := [fsBold];
03.Label1.Font.Style := [fsUnderline];
04.CheckBox.Checked := True;
06.Screen.Cursor := crDefault;
10.if Key = VK_F1 then

and more more more….

Mida 2.0 convert all this code with a single click !

Any time the source are updated using a new library ( _Mida_FM_Lib.pas ) where the new functions reside. The source files using procedures vcl only are update to use this new library. If the user desires can change that library,of course.
I’ve had some requests to add support for a visual component a little particular : TLabeledEdit, is an TEdit and a TLabel in a single component.

Mida 2.0 supports TLabeledEdit, the original name remains at the new Edit, and a new TLabel component is created with a name similar to the original TLabeledEdit.

Best Regards

Mauro Botta

Mida 1.7 – Custom conversion for Components and Property

I am pleased to present the availability of Mida V. 1.7 for Delphi and C++Builder XE2

new features :

* Custom conversion for components and property not supported from Mida

This implementation is really important.

Mida operates nearly 250 components, but if you have some components that you create you can teach at Mida what class FireMonkey convert

You can move the value from one property to another, too. ( .caption -> .text )

* Image support ( The images within TImage now being converted into FireMonkey – PNG / JPG …. )

* New interface

NEWS – Buy Mida on Share IT !! see Order page.

[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFuSe4HKoNc]

Best Regards

Mauro Botta